$300.00 USD


Part # Machine Model #   Price
SKS1B508 CN-561, CF-152, CF-153   300.00
SKS1B515   CN-565, CN-566, CN-567, CF-160, CF-161   300.00  
SKS1B555 LP-570 (V2), LP-170 (V2), LP-175, LP-185, ALP-550   300.00
SKS1B565 LP-580 (V2), LP-190 300.00


Sankosha SH Body Silicone pads (10mm) for Sankosha Shirt Body Presses.  Body silicone pads should be replaced after 150,000 presses.   Please choose the right silicone pad by selecting the one that corresponds to your machine model.  These high quality silicone pads are tested and made by Sankosha!  


Note*  The price shown above is for 1 silicone pad.  If you own a double buck shirt press machine, a quantity of 2 silicone pads should be ordered.